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Intro: Asia's search for growth
Day 1: A market divided
Day 2: Cut to grow
Day 3: Better luck next year

Research Reports

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Topic: Amcor: Asia Insight: Initiate at Underweight
Primary Author. Nicholas Robison
Topic: ASEAN Agricultural Products & Commodity Traders: Asia Insight: Unloved and Undervalued at Cycle Trough:
Upgrade to Attractive on Catalysts

Primary Author. Charles C. Spencer
Topic: ASEAN Equity Strategy: ASEAN4 Most Productive Companies
Primary Author. Hozefa Topiwalla
Topic: ASEAN Healthcare: Attractive Opportunities in ASEAN Hospital Space, Despite High Valuations
Primary Author. Daniel L Lau
Topic: ASEAN Industrials: Asia Insight: Philippine conglomerates: Dominance and diversity drive growth
Primary Author. Xin Jin Ling
Topic: Asia Credit Strategy: China SOE Reforms - A Roadmap for Credit Investors
Primary Author. Kelvin Pang
Topic: Asia ex Japan Economic Autumn Outlook: Still in Adjustment Phase
Primary Author. Derrick Y Kam
Topic: Asia ex Japan Economics: A Comparison of the Current Cycle with 1997-98
Primary Author. Chetan Ahya
Topic: Asia Pacific Economics: Your Comprehensive Update on Asia’s Growth Story – October 2015
Primary Author. Derrick Y Kam
Topic: Australia Banks: Asia Insight: Sunset in Paradise
Primary Author. Richard E Wiles
Topic: Australia Consumer: The Supermarkets Margin Unwind
Primary Author. Thomas Kierath
Topic: Australia Macro+: Australia's Housing Boom... Now Subject to Finance
Primary Author. Daniel K Blake
Topic: Australia Macro+: Want to Win? How Good Is Your Defence?
Primary Author. Chris Nicol
Topic: Autos & Auto Parts - Chinese vs. global brands: We favor the latter in the long term
Primary Author. Jack Yeung
Topic: Back-to-School Global Economic Autumn Outlook: Growth Gets Stuck in Middle Gear
Primary Author. Chetan Ahya
Topic: China Aerospace & Defence: China's Military Modernization Embraces Information Era
Primary Author. Edward H Xu
Topic: China Autos & Auto Parts: Asia Insight: Promising outlook for new energy vehicles; prefer e-buses to e-cars
Primary Author. Jack Yeung
Topic: China Consumer Staples: Infant Milk Formula Initiations: Fewer Births Leading to Structural Stagnation; Be Selective
Primary Author. Dustin Wei
Topic: China Economics: Local Debt Swap to Spearhead Overall Fiscal Reforms
Primary Author. Junwei Sun
Topic: China Energy & Chemicals: Asia Insight: Gas Price Reform – from Semi-Regulated to Fully Market-Oriented
Primary Author. Andy Meng
Topic: China Industrials: Asia Insight: Initiating on Four China Industrial Automation Stocks: Domestic Names Are Well Placed
Primary Author. Kevin Luo
Topic: China Pulse: Industry Views - October 2015: How A-Share Valuations Stack Up After the Correction
Primary Author. Brian Kelleher
Topic: China Pulse: Industry Views - September 2015: What to Do with All the Cash?
Primary Author. Brian Kelleher
Topic: China Economics and Strategy Insights: RMB Moves: Implications and Roadmap Ahead
Primary Author. Chetan Ahya
Topic: Consumer Electronics / Internet: J-Insight: Growth of Music Streaming Market & Corporate Value Creation;
Chance for Sony to Boost Value of Music Business

Primary Author. Masahiro Ono
Topic: Economics and Strategy Insights: Renminbi Moves: Implications for Global Macro and Markets
Primary Author. Chetan Ahya
Topic: Global Banks Insight: Implications of Higher Capital Requirements for Mortgages
Primary Author. Richard E Wiles
Topic: Global Banks: Insight: What's Your Interest Rate View? Banks to Own in Different Rate Scenarios
Primary Author. Ken A Zerbe
Topic: Greater China Tech Hardware: Asia Insight: Chinese Server Brands – The Quest to Replace IBM
Primary Author. Grace Chen
Topic: Greater China Technology Hardware: Asia Insight: Asia Supply Chain Best-placed to Gain from Laser Diode Growth on 4G,
FTTH, and Data Center Builds

Primary Author. Sharon Shih
Topic: Hong Kong Property: Hong Kong Landlords & REITs - Potential outperformers, even amid rising rates
Primary Author. Hildy Ling
Topic: Hong Kong/China Discretionary: Multi-Year Quality Growth Ahead for Home Appliance Segment
Primary Author. Robby Gu
Topic: Hong Kong/China Insurance: Asia Insight: Exploring Downside of Further Rate Cut
Primary Author. Jenny Jiang
Topic: Hong Kong/China Leisure & Lodging: China Tourism: The Journey Has Just Started
Primary Author. Lin He
Topic: India Equity Strategy Playbook: Why Indian Equities are Outperforming
Primary Author. Ridham Desai
Topic: India Equity Strategy: Corporatization of SOEs: The Third Stage
Primary Author. Ridham Desai
Topic: India Telecoms: Right Time to Sell Operators
Primary Author. Vinay Jaising
Topic: Indonesia and Brazil Economics: Indonesia vs. Brazil: Which Is Further Along the Macro Adjustment Path?
Primary Author. Deyi Tan
Topic: ITC Ltd: Best Risk-Reward in Indian Consumer Staples; Upgrade to OW
Primary Author. Nillai Shah
Topic: Olam International: 1x BV Misses Attractive Portfolio Assets – Shift to SoTP
Primary Author. Charles C. Spencer
Topic: S. Korea – Internet/Financials: Can Kakao Bank Go Viral?
Primary Author. Sam Min
Topic: S. Korea Autos & Auto Parts: Stars Aligning for a Multi-year Recovery?
Primary Author. Sangkyoo Park
Topic: Santos: Asia Insight: Recapitalization Scenarios
Primary Author. Stuart Baker
Topic: Singapore After 50: Journey from Job Creation to Value Creation
Primary Author. Hozefa Topiwalla
Topic: Singapore After 50: What Next After the Quantum Leap?
Primary Author. Deyi Tan
Topic: Taiwan Consumer: Business Models Outweigh Traditional Staples vs. Discretionary Allocation
Primary Author. Terence Cheng
Topic: Theme Trades: APxJ Revisions for Decisions September 2015
Primary Author. Brian Kelleher


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